Rachel H. ★★★★★

Awesome quick lunch. Despite being packed, the staff still managed to be super warm and friendly. When he had to run to replenish something before he took my order, the guy encouraged me to try the fresh, streaming falafel samples that were out. I had a gyro (try it with hot sauce) and could not resist buying the half pound of baklava to take home.

Tanya G. ★★★★★

Taza is awesome. I eat here nearly every week, it's a high rotation lunch joint! The food here is awesome - never had a bad meal, and the service is really friendly and nice! They recognise the regulars and always have some falafel or pita chips out for you to try.I love getting the the Turkey plate or the Taza special plate. Plus the hummus bowls are yummy too! Make sure to try the Lentil Soup too! Awesome on cold chilly Chicago winters. The plates are huge! You get rice, salad, meat, and hummus with pita bread. I never finish the whole thing. Their spicy sauce is also great!Overall, highly recommend! I love the food and the vibe, it's cosy and friendly and has the family run restaurant feel (in a good way!)

Anne M. ★★★★★

Best falafel I have found in Chicago. So amazing. Not super mushy in inside, crispy on outside, and so flavorful. Very nice staff

Stephie L. ★★★★★

My absolute favorite lunchtime place...these guys and gal are super kind and sweet! The food is well seasoned and the difference between this place and others is their dill rice, hummus and falafel which I tend to never give 5 stars too.On colder days, I tend to get my lentil soup and side of dill rice. In the warmer months, I get their salads which are fresh or if I'm super duper hungry (piggy status), I get their gyro plates are awesome with big portions. Even the side of their Baklava has the right amount of sweetness that just makes this place the best. As for pricing, you can't get better than a $7 sandwich with fresh ingredients, plates are around $10-13 depending on what you get.I love supporting smaller business like this that produce great food. Go Taza! :)

Grant D. ★★★★★

A very classic, hole-in-the-wall Mediterranean spot. Right in the loop, so perfect for a workday lunch. Not the most luxurious of interiors, but the food and casual setting makes up for it. I had the Chicken Shawarma platter, which came with hummus and pita. Very tasty, quick, and fresh!

Daniel A. ★★★★★

Wow. This place is amazing. First off, everyone is incredibly kind and friendly from the second you walk in the door. You seriously feel like family. The food is also amazing. I ordered a #1 special; the rice was clearly fresh, the chicken was so tender and flavorful, and the falafel were like pillows of joy. Highly recommend this place as a go-to for anyone in the area. I'll surely be back regularly to get my Mediterranean fix.

Kenny G. ★★★★★

Mezza and Roti are a block from my work location. I don't go.I walk by Naf Naf on my way to Taza.It's eight blocks and at least three Mediterranean restaurants way. The choice is Taza, no matter how cold, it's worth the walk. The lines are shorter, it costs less, tastes better and the employees are happier.

Eric F. ★★★★★

Taza is the kind of restaurant everyone hopes to find - friendly, local-owned, cheap, delicious, and filling.Taza is the best Mediterranean lunch spot in the loop, period.

Dave G. ★★★★★

I recently relocated from the east side of the Loop to the west side of the Loop so now's the time to try new places. I'm a sucker for Mediterranean food and the loop has lots of good options. Taza leaves all others behind.I've never been a fan of falafel. I've tried it many times and I've always been "meh" about it. The ones I've had have always been hard and dry. My opinion quickly changed after the first bite of my first visit. I don't know if they add crack to these, but they're SO addicting. Falafel has now gone from being the "optional" part of my meal to the staple of my meal. Falafel sandwich combo with a side of falafel and I'll even grab some samples when they're available. :-) Might as well get some falafel to take back to the office for an afternoon snack...Ok, the shawarma isn't so bad either. Get the Chef's Sandwich which is shawarma AND falafel stuffed in a pita with hummus and all the other goodies. This is easily one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. Maybe someday I'll get burned out on this and try it with gyro meat just to mix it up a bit.

Rachel A. ★★★★★

In town for business & stopped by for lunch. This place is awesome! Best flavors for Mediterranean that I've had; each item was exceptional. The staff was so welcoming and friendly...I wish this place was in my town!

Christina C. ★★★★★

This is my go-to lunch place when I meet up with my husband during the work week.The friendliest staff, good prices, and great food. I usually go for a gyro pita and my husband gets the Taza combo plate and we're always satisfied. Also the falafel here is BOMB. Now whenever I get falafel somewhere else, I'm always disappointed because they can't live up to Taza's.The only downside is the size of the space because it will get crowded and the tables are fairly close to one another, but don't let that deter you! It's just an opportunity to make some new friends.

Taylor A. ★★★★★

In Chicago for work this week, and I love me some Mediterranean food so was thrilled to see this is directly across from my office. Went in about noon, ordered a gyro plate, which was fantastic. Great gyro meat, good rice and hummus, good sized portions, and they gave me a sample of their roasted turkey which was fantastic as well. Cover it all with tzatsiki & some spicy sauce and I'm a happy guy. Oh! And the falafel they put into each order made me debate going back to order more falafel despite being absolutely stuffed from the gyro plate.Just under $14 for a large plate and a drink isn't too bad given the downtown location, I definitely recommend this place to anyone in the area! Staff was fantastic and cheerful even with the growing lunch crowd. I'll definitely be back at least one more time this week!

Manuel P. ★★★★★

This place is fire, flame! Really nice. Great experience every time I go. Keep it up!

Allegra S. ★★★★★

I've been here a few times for lunch and each visit is just as delicious as the last. I usually get their gyro hummus bowl and it's sooooo good. Even if there's a line, it always moves quickly. Absolutely worth a visit if you're in the area and want good Mediterranean food. Only downside is I wish they made their own naan bread, that would be so delicious!

Jackie F. ★★★★★

Still excellent food and service. The owner is so sweet and always hospitable.I haven't been back for a while because we have been so busy at work and it's a bit of a walk for me. But everytime I return, i'm reminded why this is the best falafel around!

Steve A. ★★★★★

Extremely friendly staff in this counter service restaurant make it special.I tried the gyro platter, which came with lentil rice, hummus, a falafel, salad, and pitas. It was very good, especially the gyro meat coated in tzatziki and spicy sauce.Even better was the falafel sandwich, a generous serving of falafel, lettuce, tahini, spicy and a very fresh pita pocket to hold it all.Definitely one of the best choices for fast Middle Eastern food in Chicago.

Keemi K. ★★★★★

Was craving falafel all week and I am so glad we found Taza cafe! The moment we walked in, the staff offered falafel sample and it was SO good! I was already planning to get the falafel sandwich but it made me more excited about it. My fiancé ordered gyros plate (I believe it was #3) which also came with one falafel. Both of our dishes were good and satisfying! Next time I am going to order side of extra falafels! It's worth it:) will be back

Denisha B. ★★★★★

You guys are amazing! Thank you for your excellent customer service and consistently tasty food. I really appreciate you guys cranking out a huge catering order for over 20 people in less than 24 hours! You guys saved my life!If you are ever in a bind and need a catering order, these guys answer their emails all the time (even on weekends when they are closed). I had a panic moment and forget to order catering for an event for my job. I emailed these guys in hopes that they would answer and sure enough they did. They were more than accommodating, called me on Easter to take my order, and processed everything on Monday morning. On top of this, they delivered very quickly, set everything up, and they even threw in some free stuff like baklava and falafel. We absolutely love their food and their baba ghonush ( I am sure I misspelled that) is to DIE FOR! Please patronage them--you won't be disappointed!

Ali H. ★★★★★

I'm sitting here now and the food is DELICIOUS!!! I generally don't write reviews but it's so good and the people are very friendly. I ordered the #3 Taza combo and they let me try both types of rice they offer - the lentil and dill (I think I like the dill a little better). The pita is soft and fluffy and all the favors are perfect together. They offer sandwiches too but I decided to order a plate and make my own. I don't live in Chicago but when I return, this place is on my list!!! So good!

Tana R. ★★★★★

The customer service of this place really stands out in the loop where almost everyone behind the counters during the weekdays is just super slammed and busy and therefore does not usually even take time to look at your face and say proper hi. At Taza, that is not the case, they always give you a warm welcome here and are very nice & helpful with your food choice in case you are not sure what to order.They have plenty of vegetarian options and their food is inexpensive but yet absolutely delicious!Great spot to grab a lunch but just like anywhere in the loop on weekdays, it gets really busy, so if you can, try to make it here a few minutes before noon or come after 1:30 PM when everything is slowing down.

Alfreda D. ★★★★☆

My friend suggested Taza and I was underwhelmed (see my first review), but I took his word for it and gave it another try. I followed his lead and ordered a gyro hummus bowl. A whole bowl of hummus had me scratching my head at first but it was really good. I added tzatziki sauce, giardiniera, asked for some hot spicy sauce on the side (I like all things spicy!!!!), and it came with a pita on the side and a piece of falafel in the bowl. $10 and I was definitely satisfied.We sat inside and took our time eating and catching up. I noticed a table nearby with two regular customers. They chatted with the owner/manager/staff and praised their food as always. It was really nice to see that. A little while after my friend and I had finished our food, they brought us two cups of hot sage tea and pieces of baklava. How sweet!? The manager/owner possibly was like "I saw two nice customers in here and wanted to treat you both with some of my sage tea. Enjoy!" I had never had or even heard of sage tea. There were fresh pieces in the cup and boy was it suuuuuper tasty. I immediately looked up at the menu and saw that it wasn't one of the hot tea options. He said he had just made it personally for himself but was considering adding it to the menu. Heck yeah... it was really freaking good. And then the baklava... I don't like baklava... at all... but things were going so good so far that I decided why not take a bite... and another... and another... LOL. 5 stars all around. I get it now. Don't order a regular old salad like I did during my first visit last year. That was a silly move. Thanks to my friend for bringing me back and thanks to the whole crew at Taza for being great

Eduardo M. ★★★★★

Taza is one of the few "mom and pop" feeling places left around my corner of the loop. Food is always warm and tasty, there's falafel samples on the counter and they serve up fairly large portions when building up your meal.The staff here is really friendly and they seem sincerely eager to make sure the meal is prepped right. While I don't always have a need for Mediterranean food, when I do get the craving, this is my first go-to.My only real issue here is more to do with the general lack of seating when a group of us stop by, but that's more to do with the fact that other people seem to have the same idea, so I can't fault them for that.